Fuente de alimentación Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043

Fuente de alimentación Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043:

  • 3 canales.
  • Interfaz GPIB (IEEE-488) configurable.


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Key facts

  • Clear display of all measured parameters
  • Galvanically isolated, floating and short-circuit proof outputs
  • Protective functions adjustable for each channel
  • Ideal power supply for hardware developers and labs
  • Remote control

Compact and easy to use

One, two or three channels – the R&S®HMC804x DC Power supplies with their specifications and wide range of functions are ideal for use in development labs and industrial environments. Thanks to their high energy efficiency, the linear power supplies remain cool and quiet, even at maximum load. Practical interfaces and connectors allow users to work quickly and conveniently with the R&S®HMC804x. Comfort functions enable the instruments to be used in special applications.


Número de canales
  • 1 (HMC8041)
  • 2 (HMC8042)
  • 3 (HMC8043)
Potencia máxima por canal (según corriente y modelo)
  • 100 W (HMC8041)
  • 50 W (HMC8042)
  • 33 W (HMC8043)
Voltaje de salida por canal 0 V – 32 V