Fuente de alimentación Rohde & Schwarz NGE-COM3A


  • Fuente de alimentación R&S NGE103B (3 canales).
  • Control remoto por Ethernet.
  • Control remoto por WLAN.
  • I/O de disparador digital (4 puertos).


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Reduced to the max

The R&S®NGE100B DC Power supply series consists of robust, high-performance, affordable instruments. They offer high efficiency combined with low ripple plus a variety of comfort functions that are not usually found in this class of power supplies.

Key facts

  • R&S®NGE102B with two or R&S®NGE103B with three channels
  • Max. output power of 66 W with R&S®NGE102B, 100 W with R&S®NGE103B
  • Max. output voltage of 32 V per channel
  • Electronic fuse (OCP), overvoltage (OVP)/ -power(OPP)/ -temperature protection (OTP)
  • USB interface (VCP/TMC), optional LAN (LXI), optional wireless LAN, optional digital I/O (4bit)

All channels galvanically isolated and earth-free

The circuitry of each single channel is completely separated from the others, there is no connection to chassis ground. This makes it easy to combine the channels to drive bipolar circuitries that might need +12 V/–12 V, for example, and avoids any ground problems in complex DUTs.

Parallel and serial operation

Because all channels are electrically equivalent, they can be combined in serial mode to achieve higher voltages. Up to 96 V can be achieved with the R&S®NGE103B, up to 64 V with the R&S®NGE102B. In parallel mode, the channels can be bundled for higher current. Up to 6 A can be achieved when combining two channels. Using all three channels of the R&S®NGE103B, even 9 A are possible.

Protection functions

For each channel, users can separately set the:

  • Maximum current (electronic fuse, overcurrent protection, OCP).
  • Maximum voltage (overvoltage protection, OVP).
  • Maximum power (overpower protection, OPP).

If such a limit is reached, the affected output channel will be automatically switched off and a message will be displayed. The overcurrent protection can be linked to other channels (FuseLink function). In this case, the channel exceeding the maximum current level and all linked channels will be switched off.

Color-coding of operating conditions

All operating conditions are shown clearly on the 3.5″ QVGA display (320 × 240 pixel), including the output power and the status of any protective functions. Colors indicate the different operating conditions:

  • Active outputs are shown in green when working in constant voltage mode and in red when working in constant current mode
  • Inactive outputs are displayed in white. Whenever a channel is in the setting mode, the number to be set is marked by a blue background.


  • Front connectors with 4 mm safety binding posts
  • USB interface (virtual COM port and TMC class)
  • LAN interface (LXI) with integrated web server (R&S®NGE-K101 option)
  • Wireless LAN, unique in this class (R&S®NGE-K102 option)
  • Digital trigger in/out (4-bit) on the rear (R&S®NGE-K103 option)


Número de canales
  • 2 (NGE 102B)
  • 3 (NGE 103B)
Potencia máxima por canal 33.6 W
Rango de salida en voltaje por canal 0-32 V
Rango de salida en corriente por canal 0-3 A



Ampliaciones disponibles

Ampliación Código
Control remoto via Ethernet NGE-K101
Control remoto via WLAN NGE-K102
I/O de disparador digital (4 puertos) NGE-K103