Fuente de alimentación Rohde & Schwarz HMP2020

Fuente de alimentación Rohde & Schwarz HMP2020:

  • 2 canales.
  • Potencia máxima: 188 W.


Up to three channels in a single instrument

The R&S®HMP DC Power supplies are primarily designed for industrial use. With two or three output channels and up to 10 A output current, these rugged instruments are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They offer high efficiency with low residual ripple and many protection functions.

More than meets your daily needs

  • All channels galvanically isolated and floating
  • All channels have the same voltage range
  • All channels have overload and short-circuit protection
  • Parallel and serial operation
  • Constant voltage and constant current modes
  • Tracking and link functions
  • Protection functions to safeguard instrument and DUT
  • Modern instrument concept: small, compact and quiet

Easy operation

  • Intuitive to use
  • Color coding of operating states
  • EasyArb function for all channels
  • Save and recall instrument settings

Ideal for labs and test systems

  • Tailored for use in labs and system racks
  • Sense function for more stringent accuracy requirements
  • Connections on front and rear panels
  • Remote control of instrument functions


Número de canales
  • HMP2020: 2
  • HMP2030: 3
  • HMP4030: 3
  • HMP4040: 4
Potencia total máxima
  • HMP2020 y HMP2030: 188 W
  • HMP4030 y HMP4040: 384 W
Tensión máxima por canal 32 V. Operación en serie/paralelo posible.
Corriente por canal
  • HMP2020: 10 A, 5 A
  • HMP2030: 5 A
  • HMP4030: 10 A
  • HMP4040: 10 A

Operación en serie/paralelo posible.

  • 0.1 mV
  • Hasta 0.1 mA (según modelo)
Generador de patrones Tecnología EasyARB, configurable mediante software (PC).
  • Operación en tiempo real.
  • Regulación posterior para reducción de rizado.
  • Protección de sobretensión en cada canal.
  • FuseDelay ajustable hasta 250 ms
Conexiones de control remoto Configurables entre:

  • R&S HO720: USB/RS-232
  • R&S HO732: Ethernet/USB
  • R&S HO740: Conexión GPIB (IEEE-488)