Analizador de espectro Rohde & Schwarz FPC-COM2


  • Analizador de espectro FPC1500.
  • Ancho de banda ampliado de 5 kHz a 3 GHz
  • Preamplificador.
  • Generador de seguimiento.
  • Analizador vectorial de redes de 1 puerto.
  • Generador de onda continua.
  • Análisis de modulación.
  • Modo receptor.
  • Mediciones avanzadas.

Los precios no incluyen impuestos.


Value of three

R&S®FPC1500 combines three instruments in one:

Spectrum analyzer

The R&S®FPC1500 base instrument has a frequency
range from 5 kHz to 1 Ghz with keycode options to
unlock up to 3 GHz and other features. Engineered
in Germany, it provides the best dynamic range in
its class. In combination with RBW settings down
to 1 Hz, it resolves the finest details, which are
displayed on the high-resolution 10.1” WXGA
display. Wired or wireless remote control options
are available free of charge.

Network analyzer

The R&S®FPC1500 features an internal VSWR
bridge that makes purchasing and mounting/
dismounting an external bridge unnecessary. S11
reflection measurements are supported, including
Smith chart and DTF features.

Signal generator

The R&S®FPC1500 not only features standard
tracking generator measurements with frequency
offset functionality, its signal source is independent
to enable signal generator functionality. A CW
signal can be set within the frequency range, or in a
coupled mode to follow the center frequency
setting of the spectrum analyzer mode.


Rango de frecuencias 5 kHz – 1 GHz (ampliable a 2 y 3 GHz respectivamente)
Resolución frecuencial 1 Hz
Rango de span 1 Hz – 3 MHz (pasos de relación 1/3)
Ruido de fase en banda única @f=500 MHz <-88 dBc @B=30 kHz | -98 dBc @B=100 kHz | -120 dBc @B=1 MHz
Nivel de ruido @Att=0 dB, 50 Ω termination, RBW= 100 Hz, VBW = 10 Hz <-127 dBm @f∈[1-10] MHz | <-142 dBm @f∈[10-2000] MHz | <-138 dBm @f∈[2-3] GHz
Third-order Intercept (TOI) +7 dBm @f=1 GHz | +10 dBm @f=2.4 GHz
Analizador vectorial de redes de 1 puerto (disponible bajo ampliación) Potencia de salida: -10 dBm | Frecuencias: 2 MHz – frecuencia máxima
Generador de seguimiento Potencia de salida: -30 dBm – 0 dBm | Frecuencias: 5 kHz – frecuencia máxima
Fuente independiente de onda continua Potencia de salida: -30 dBm – 0 dBm | Frecuencias: 5 kHz – frecuencia máxima